Monthly Revision Logs

23, Month of the Tiger — Rivers Thawing, Wild Geese Migrating <23-SprArr~23-Bedew>

The migrants come north, the grasses sprout. I’ve also moved to the North, where wondrous things seem to come along with spring.

22, Month of the Ox — Fragments for a Year <22-MldCld~22-IntCld>

A month filled with fragments, spent in painting and New Year’s outings.

  • Added two lengthy dumps of daily life. I actually had not envisaged putting up such life-related content here, but it turned out decent!
    • Daily activity records, during which I impulsively tried creating visualisations for music through AI-based transcription, and made a short demonstrative animation.
    • New Year’s outings, a collection of photos and rambling words.
  • Wrote a record of a bumbling Ops experience, Floral Ditties’ Rehousing.
  • Joyful encounters with new friends as well as the acceptance into the XXIIVV webring.

And that’s the end of the year 22 on this site! Looking forward to having more content and more friends in the new year!

22, Month of the Rat — Filling in the Holes <22-HvSnw~22-WntSol>

This place has been seeing quite a few friends, and it’s time to make the first actual revision log.

Looking back, most of the things I’ve done recently fit the idea of “filling in”. The advent of a Gregorian new year makes a good time to fill in some past regrets!

  • The most important thing is to have finished the percussion ensemble piece Vividness Damped. Seeing friends in the band talking about “doing something big”, I’m looking forward to it!
  • Completed the multilingual content of the website with enormous help from machine translation. The method for Chinese font embedding has been summarised into an article.
  • The game Sheepdogs at Work has a bug in its web version that caused the second level to be unpassable. This has been fixed.

There is not only the Gregorian calendar, nor is there just one New Year. This site, for instance, will stay in the old year for another month according to its calendar. Time is a continuous flow, and an artificially, arbitrarily prescribed ritual does not carry that much meaning with it. But what is important is that such rituals create rare opportunities to send our good wills to the people we care about, which is why they are worth cherishing nevertheless. A Happy New Year to all reading this!

22, Month of the Pig — A Cyber Comfort for Insecurity <22-WntArr~22-LiSnw>

Having made my way through a hectic half of the academic term, I finally picked up where I left off months ago and put together a place for all the odds and ends produced throughout the past years.

It’s been a month filled with caprices — the hurries between rehearsals for the art troupe’s competitions, the vicarious traumas from incidents nearby and far away, the spread of panic along with the pandemic, the unavoidable choice of leaving school that almost seemed like an exile — there is an unsettling atmosphere deluging every day, as if we’ve just got out of a dark tunnel only to be thrown on a high wire, wobbling in solitude.

Whenever asked about my hometown, I always get torn between answers of several provinces and resort to joking that I am an unconstrained cosmopolitan. It is true that I am rather nonchalant regarding the material world, but there is always a part of the spirit that gets injected into tangible things and becomes lost in the world with them; the chaos of a reality out of control can never bear the rambling reveries.

I do not yet have a space of concrete to nourish the peace of mind, but am fortunate enough to be able to weave a world in cyberspace with my own hands, a place to stretch out, to escape to and hide in; a place to pick up bits of serenity. I know almost everything about it, and it has witnessed my secrets; I would be heartily delighted if guests who stop here leave with a bit more pleasure or fulfilment.

Wish all who have read this far the ability to find the peacefulness of their own. Will always be pleased to have you here!

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