The Story You Don’t Know — Percussion sextet

Ending theme of “Bakemonogatari”; adaptation for percussion sextet

A gift card with line art placed inside a bouquet.

Performance of the percussion ensemble on the 2023 juniors’ salon concert of the wind band of the university students’ art troupe. An adaptation of the ending theme of the animated series “Bakemonogatari”.

Drumset part with reference to the arrangement by Shimazaki Yuto.


  • ① glockenspiel
  • ② vibraphone
  • ③ marimba (upper voice)
  • ④ marimba (lower voice)
  • ⑤ timpani
  • ⑥ drumset
Full score and parts📃Monogatari.pdf(790 KiB, 52 pages)
Preview audio🎧Monogatari.ogg(3.4 MiB, 04:40)
MuseScore document🎼Monogatari.mscz(121 KiB)

Most of the words are in the “pieces of flowing time” — all of which is currently available in Chinese only.

Low-angle side view photograph. On a stage against a black background, band members in white uniforms holding mallets and playing.
Line art of six percussionists standing under a night sky with the Summer Triangle, each holding different sets of mallets. On the top-left corner is written the words “let’s go to see the stars tonight”, while on the bottom, “THUMB Percussionist Apprentices”, “2023.05.19”; all written in Chinese.
Cover image by the band member nanako. Performance photograph by the band member Yu.
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