Pieces of Pebbles

Hasty makings and scribbles.

Fledgling Go is a rhythm game about birds flying; it is however written in the assembly language. <20-AutEq~20-WnSols>

Bmflat is a program library that reads music tracks from music games; included are some little animations. <19-AuEst~19-Ember>

Snowy Sky “Yukisora”, just a dated chord sheet. <19-Cold~22-Cold>

Practice compositions in courses (2021) is a collection of immature exercises in cinematic composition and song production.

Confession of a Ne’er-do-well is a hilarious song (which is large a result of the waggish style of the lyricist).

Gradatim is a platformer/rhythmic game, as the final project in a course on program design. It does not have rich-enough content, hence only a video has been put up.

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