Practice compositions in courses (2021)

Sound Design

Sound design exercises in different themes.

Travel🎞Sound_Design_Travel.mp4(3.0 MiB, 01:03, 640x360)
Suspense🎧Sound_Design_Suspense.mp3(1.7 MiB, 01:27)
Love🎞Sound_Design_Love.mp4(3.6 MiB, 01:29, 640x360)
Spy🎞Sound_Design_Spy.mp4(2.6 MiB, 01:23, 640x360)

Song Arrangement

Rearrangement of the song “A Crescent Moon” (弯弯的月亮) by Li Haiying with vocals by Liu Huan. The lyrics and the title were not unveiled during the practice.

A Crescent Moon🎧Crescent_Moon.mp3(4.3 MiB, 03:43)

Musical Engineering

A proposal essay: select an excerpt from the film “Iron Man” and compose as well as produce the music for it.

Iron Man🎞Iron_Man.mp4(9.4 MiB, 03:23, 640x266)
MuseScore document🎼Iron_Man.mscz(53.8 KiB)
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