Network Neighbourhood

Every spirit is a unique world; here are some portals to them. Orders change every 10 minutes.

Link Exchange

I’d expect that your stipples in cyberspace mirrors a part of yourself! If you would like to invite the visitors of both of our sites to stop by the other side, or are only wishing to share something, please reach me by e-mail!

All are still welcome if they do not run a personal site but are active on social platforms or creative communities.

I believe in the uniqueness of every soul. I believe that the stray signals in the world will eventually find their resonances. I’m not qualified, nor am I willing, to judge any work or person, but I do not add the links of all who approach me in the hope that the links here be truly “friends” able to be appreciated by myself or the visitors. Nevertheless, to me, every single message is an invaluable gift, and I stay wholeheartedly curious and sincere, looking forward to each encounter or reunion, touching the connexions far more real and meaningful than hyperlinks. Thank you.

Technically, this is a personal wiki, but please call it anything you deem appropriate — a cyber home, a blog, a portfolio, a memex. In any case, this is what it becomes in your eyes, isn’t it?