Musical Planetarium

A different piece of music is randomly picked every ten minutes. Among all 10, here is the piece numbered 6.

Cover of the album. On a colourful background, three cartoon characters with animal-like appearances each holds a crayon, surrounded by little elements including notes, stars, a rocket, and food. In the bottom-right corner is the album’s title, “Dream Makers”.

Dream Makers



Ah… Hisui Chazuke… (ああ…翡翠茶漬け…, A-Hi-Cha) is a group of three music producers who have had many of their works featured in music and rhythm games. The trio also collaborate in pairs, along with individual compositions, resulting in a total of seven different ways they sign their works, which seem to be depicting a lively and joyful scene in each album — the three furries working together, bustling around, creating dreamlike scenarios. Who can resist exclaiming their cuteness?

In the eponymous album, Dream Makers is a bonus track and is the only one on which all members collaborated. The varied style blends the distinctive characters of each member: AAAA (ああああ) specialises in melodies and harmony with narrative and symphonic elements, Isuka (翡乃イスカ) incorporates timbres and arrangements from electronic dance music, while Chazuke (梅干茶漬け) leans towards “orthodox” chiptune in pop and retro videogame style. Each section tends to vaguely reveal who is behind the playful tinkling sounds, sometimes even with melodies and sounds from their past works tucked in, as if a vibrant and mischievous stage show is going on.

Dream Makers might not be the most suitable track for a rhythm game, but brings the stories of creators and fantasies to life in such a vivid way. Perhaps that’s why it has become the bonus track.