Musical Planetarium

A different piece of music is randomly picked every ten minutes. Among all 10, here is the piece numbered 5.

Cover of the song. Two girls embracing each other, as if the deep green night was cut by a yellow light shining from their hearts.

Fireflies Never Came


Harumaki Gohan


Spica might just be pretending not to know about Mikage’s sentiment. Or maybe she really didn’t know, or even couldn’t know; how sad it would be for Mikage if this is true — that she can only go on to be a good friend to this lively girl, and that everything beyond feel as if blocked by a thick layer of glass. The helplessness of being behind that glass was probably more painful than a loss. What is Mikage thinking about when Spica is leaning on her in the photo?

Yuhi is a wonderful help, but Mikage seems reluctant to open up to her. Indeed, it might be true that Yuhi may not be able to help much.