Vividness Damped

A piece for a percussion ensemble of 10

Dedicated to a friend. (Who delays a present for a birthday in summer all the way until winter?)

Little dogs roaming in the dusk, indigo paint splashed on the sky, entrance to a mysterious world, stories of the sleepless nights. A secret bond with the band, quitely taking place outside, and the summer season that cannot be returned to, but will eventually rearrive.

Audio with score🎞Vividness_Damped.mp4(15.4 MiB, 05:46, 1920x1200)
MuseScore 3 document🎼Vividness_Damped.mscz(57.7 KiB)
Colourful clouds under a lilac-coloured sky with twinkling stars.

Image created by Disco Diffusion.

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