Clouds Freeze and Come Down from the Sky

We, like clouds, are all crystals of the world

Line art of a girl walking alone in the snow.

I don’t know whether raindrops come from a sky’s weep, but I think the snowflakes must whirl around the clouds’ dance.

After a whole year’s tiring work, it’s certainly fair to lie down and ask for the earth’s pampering. Clouds, like people, get tired, make mistakes, go through union and separation, and witness the ups and downs of the world. But no matter what, the year is finally coming to an end. Happiness, sadness, regret, reluctance, all these seem to be covered by snow and then blown away by the sunshine, melting into a wind that traverses all corners of the earth.

We, like clouds, are all crystals of the world. As the origin of life twirls in its snow-white costume, I can’t help but spin round and embrace every bit of it — in the time before we dissolve into the world again, we’ve all been dancing our hearts out.

A solo piece for vibraphone.

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