“Zero” Series

Collection of random music pieces, updated irregularly

Chequered pattern on paper containing five rows and five columns.

Odds and ends of music pieces, more like an archive of embarassing history.

Adornment <17-Freeze>

In the final winter holiday of high school I finally decided to start making music on my own. I pieced together some electronic music with the only things I had at the time — bundled synthesizers in LMMS and drum samples obtained from TriSamples🪐.

Adornment🎧Adornment.ogg(4.9 MiB, 04:54)

Concoction <18-VerEq>

Actually an autotune remix!

Final assignment of the Coursera course Audio Signal Processing for Music Applications🪐. The assignment requests that students collect sounds from Freesound🪐 and process them with the Python package provided in the course, carrying out operations such as spectrum separation and transposition, creating a music piece.

The original title was “Kitchraensform”. The document explains the making process; the submission package contains the audio assets and the program sources used.

Concoction🎧Concoction.ogg(11.6 MiB, 01:36)
Submission document📃Concoction_notes.txt(3.9 KiB)
Submission package📦Concoction_a10-a.zip(19.2 MiB)

Epigone <18-Soak>

Final assignment of the Coursera course Write Like Mozart: An Introduction to Classical Music Composition🪐. The assignment asks for a music piece of 20—30 bars composed for the piano and another solo instrument, adhering to a set of constraints regarding harmony and texture of the music. Dancing in shackles, to an extent.

Epigone — audio🎧Epigone.mp3(2.2 MiB, 01:35)
Epigone — score📃Epigone.pdf(259 KiB, 3 pages)

Frivolity <18-AuEst>

Chiptune-style music made with PixiTracker🪐. Made for self-entertainment when giving lectures in the summer vacation, due to a sound-enabled projector being present in the hotel room. The thought later struck me that, since I could hear the next-door conversations, there was a decent chance that this became the background music for their overnight chats…

Frivolity — audio and video🎞Frivolity.mp4(15.8 MiB, 04:06, 640x400)
Frivolity — PixiTracker sequence🎶Frivolity.piximod(540 KiB)

Gradus <18-Frost~19-Torrid>

The unfinished attempt at creating music for the game Gradatim (did not know how to write music at that time, anyway). It was long before I eventually went on completing it, though it was still quite insubstantial (/- <)

Gradus — preview audio🎧Gradus.ogg(1.7 MiB, 02:02)
Gradus — MuseScore 2 score document🎼Gradus.mscz(36.8 KiB)

Heptadekka <19-AutEq>

I participated in the choir on the square in 2019, on the ceremony of the 70th anniversary of PRC. Approaching the end of the rehearsal and the unfolding of the main event, I arranged the songs repeated countless times over the past few months into a medley in Tilde Sequencer, finishing the composition on the train back home.

Heptadekka — audio and video🎞Heptadekka.mp4(18.6 MiB, 09:49, 640x400)
Heptadekka — Organya sequence🎶Heptadekka.org(50.2 KiB)
The icon of the anniversary resembling the digits “70” depicted inside the editor with musical notes.

At that time, everything seemed bright, portraying a vibrant future; after a thousand days and nights, things are not such a misfortune, with ideals and beliefs surviving; there are just things that do not seem able to be relied upon anymore.


Intersection <20-VerEq>

Might be soem twists of life? A tune written facing the sunset outside the window of my little room, during the period of online lectures.

Intersection — audio🎧Intersection.ogg(4.2 MiB, 03:39)
Intersection — LMMS project🎶Intersection.mmpz(21.7 KiB)

Juvenile <20-Soak>

It just felt like it was for the carefree little children when it was written. Always reluctant to grow up.

Juvenile — audio🎧Juvenile.ogg(2.9 MiB, 02:56)
Juvenile — Tracktion/Waveform project🎶Juvenile.tracktionedit(179 KiB)
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