Tilde Sequencer

Music editor for Cave Story’s Organya format

Tilde is a plain tool for music editing and playback; or a sequencer by conventional jargon.

Pixilang program package📦tilde-seq-7df9714.zip(250 KiB)

Organya🪐 is the music format in the game Cave Story🪐 by the Japanese designer Pixel🪐. It comprises a chiptune synthesizer with 16 tracks as well as a complete editor tool🪐.

The language it is developed in, Pixilang🪐, is created by the Russian musician Alexander Zolotov, targeting cross-platform multimedia development.

The tool is feature-complete and supports a range of editing operations and shortcut key combinations. The audio synthesis algorithm has differences in nuances from the original game (Tilde uses the Lanczos filter for waveform stretching; did not look into the implementation of the game) that become more noticeable in lower-frequency percussion instruments, though I did not have much motivation to fine-tune it. I later made a piece of music in it.


The two main characters of Cave Story are both named after punctuation marks (the protagonist with the name revealed at the end, and Curly Brace). This little thing follows this convention and uses a punctuation as its name.

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