Dusk till Dawn in a Misty Jungle

A short sonata for a small orchestra; “Composition and Orchestration” course assignment

Mist-shrouded towering trees, embellished with a few splashes of pink blossoms.

The first serious attempt at orchestral composition. There are problems with balancing, but I’ve left them unedited.

Comment from the instructor, Chen: “The harp player must think you’ve run out of ideas.”

When I showed the beginning to a friend, I was too timorous as it was the very first time for me and insisted that it was “strange”. The friend could only be puzzled and say that it “looked perfectly normal”. Seems unhelpful to be fearful like this, I suppose.

Audio🎧Misty Jungle.mp3(5.1 MiB, 05:33)
Score📃Misty Jungle.pdf(392 KiB, 17 pages)
MuseScore document🎼Misty Jungle.mscz(57.5 KiB)

The cover was painted by Disco Diffusion when I was fiddling around with it, but I seem to have lost the prompt ._.

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