I’m Leaving Already — Percussion duet

Song by the Japanese folk duo Humbert Humbert; rearranged for percussion duet

Landscape outside a train’s window; a desnely vegetated plain under the blue sky, with wooden railings in the front. A blurred photo.

As the atmosphere was stirred with quarantines going on in the school buildings, I finally settled down my hesitation to pack my luggage and prepare for the leave. The rehearsal hall was probably the one I was most upset about, but I was in too much of a mess to make up time for it, and it was only when I saw friends in the group asking whether there was a rehearsal that I remembered that had the concert not been cancelled, I would have been enjoying a part rehearsal today. Add to this the separation anxiety coming from nowhere mixing up with everything and everybody, and I only had enough effort to sketch out a piece of rearrangement. I always get this reluctant before leaving anywhere, so incompetant ; - ;

To quote the lyrics, “After all if I see your eyes, the farewell will be so, so, so, so, so…” I still don’t seem able to say this kind of scheduled goodbyes.

The instrumentation is a vibraphone and a marimba, both theoretically playable with double mallets though I have not tried. The vibraphone player also needs to blow whistles. The preview audio is exported from MuseScore without adjustmets, rendering the rolls and appoggiature a bit weird. Hoping to get back to school as planned and get my hands on it.

Score📃deteiku.pdf(253 KiB, 13 pages)
Preview audio🎧deteiku.ogg(2.2 MiB, 03:14)
MuseScore document🎼deteiku.mscz(51.5 KiB)

On my way home the next day I lost one of my cherished gloves and was doodling sadly all the way until the phone ran out of battery. Titled it Leaving for an Adventure Tomorrow, which unexpectedly fit the song’s title well; and went forward to use a photo (the only one) taken on the way as the cover.

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