Leaving for an Adventure Tomorrow

Will you miss me?

“The girl over there, please hurry onto the train before the door closes!”

“Oh, thanks!”

… it’s finally time for a goodbye.

I’ve been thinking this way since early childhood — each object is a little spirit,

that loves, suffers, adapts, misses, that deserves to be together with everything gorgeous in this world.

I thus weep in the night, mulling over the yearnings of the homeless highlighter pen to its fellow friends;

mourn over the lost red scarf, well-kept at home for decades, whose plight I could not see.

I constantly get irritated at my own forgetfulness.

Searching around in upset, I cry silently in the heart for apologies and compensation from the fool that lost the thing just now.

When a smile comes out from tables and chairs, the dark clouds of emotions clears up at once;

But more often than not, nightfull knocks over the bottles of flavours, leaving them soaking every corner of the heart.

Once, I pass by a sad soul online, who feels guilty for unexpectedly breaking stress balls and was at a loss.

I hurried to reply that she had helped the ball graduate and start a whole new adventure in this world. It received many likes.

Since then, I seem to have learned about ways to get along with the world, with this corner of self.

But sometimes the regret keeps overflowing. In the bubbly night I reunite with them, only to wake up to the mild, lingering loneliness at day.

I still get annoyed at my clumsy self.

… still cherish so much about everything I own — so insecure.

If I’m leaving for an adventure tomorrow,

will you miss me?

Life is like a train,

everything in the world has its own departures and transfers.

Therefore, although it’s hard to let go, althouh I might still miss you at night…

for now, I should quietly wish you a pleasant journey.

Wave goodbye to the friend

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