Bellflowers’ Wonderland

Music from the game “Fireflies in Forest Flowers”.

Cover art of the image; two bell-shaped flowers glimmering in the darkness, with two fireflies flying along circular tracks among them.

Music from the game Fireflies in Forest Flowers.

Bellflowers’ Wonderland🎧Bellflowers_Wonderland.ogg(4.1 MiB, 04:12)

I ran out of time on the game jam before adding music and sound, which has been a regret to me. I have always planned to spare time to add the finishing touches after the winter vacation, but I was actually reluctant to face this — the lingering thought of “it will be really over when this is done” worsened the already-serious perfectionism; soon came the postgraduate admission interviews, concert performances, bachelor’s thesis, club projects, and everything else, forcing me to put this on hold for a while.

The tune played by the harp at the beginning came to my mind when I was sitting outside the operating room. I had always treated it as music that the cat had entrusted to me. Maybe it was one of the reasons I was so hesitant to write down anything, that I had cherished it too much.

It was only when I returned home during the summer vacation that I decided to pick this up and untie the knot. In the same room, I was able to reflect on my feelings not long ago. Mulling over this short melody and the colourful memories we had created together over the decade, as if we were still living together in this home as we once were — I poured all the surges into the sounds. The 99 bars mumble in a dream that never ends; Alice in the game will never lose the forest flowers and will be returning whenever she is lonely.

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