Zzz — Percussion septet

Ending theme of “Nichijou: My Ordinary Life”; adaptation for percussion septet

Footage from the ending animation; on a stage decorated with clip art, Yuuko, one of the main characters, peeks out hesitantly from behind the curtain.

Performance of the percussion ensemble on the 2021 juniors’ salon concert of the wind band of the university students’ art troupe. An adaptation of the ending theme of the animated series “Nichijou: My Ordinary Life”.

Compliments to friends who work hard and shine together!


  • ① glockenspiel, xylophone
  • ② vibraphone
  • ③ marimba (upper voice)
  • ④ marimba (lower voice)
  • ⑤ piano
  • ⑥ drumset
  • ⑦ tubular bells, xylophone, auxiliary percussion (tambourine, vibra slap, wood blocks, triangle, whip, mark tree/bar chimes, shaker/maracas)
Full score and parts📃Zzz.pdf(690 KiB, 30 pages)
Preview audio🎧Zzz.ogg(2.6 MiB, 02:59)
MuseScore document🎼Zzz.mscz(98.9 KiB)

I have been digging this song since high school years. My first attempt at recreating an entire track was attempted at it, although it was likely a disaster. I jumped into practice when I found a piano arrangement in a sheet book purchased at a concert by Animenz. (Turns out the video🪐 by Animenz is over a decade old, wow ; - ;

Of course I did not get enough after this, so I rearranged the full-length version of the song myself (without actually practising it). Many details I wrote down at the time, as well as some touches in the version of Animenz, ended up in this arrangement! It’s amazing to think about it — when I stumble through these notes in front a piano several years ago, I must be Super Ultra Great Delicious Wonderful thrilled to see how I would have been doing in the years to come!

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