Sheepdogs at Work

Music from the game “Sheepdogs at Work”.

Cover art of the game; a flock of lambs forming a circle on the lawn with a sheepdog looking over them.

Music from the game Sheepdogs at Work. The first version received the feedback that “it was too adult-like and un-childish; expected more childishness” (also, the beginning heavily collided with the song “开心往前飞”🪐 from a widespread animated television series, which I had lost all memories about by then). So I went on to write the track used in the game, “Sheepdogs at Work”. The original version was put here as a bonus, “Sheepdogs on Vacation”.

Sheepdogs at Work🎧Sheepdogs_at_Work.ogg(1.7 MiB, 01:38)
Sheepdogs on Vacation🎧Sheepdogs_on_Vacation.ogg(1.5 MiB, 01:24)
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