Lili: Into a Blossom

Assignment; composition practice for the film “Danish Girl”.

Film footage; the protagonist, Elbe, holds a bouquet and a long white dress sitting beside an oil painting portrait.

Can be seen as a graduation project for my minor, where I took the opportunity to give myself a reason to see this film that I had always wanted to see.

I was about to finish it at the three-minute mark, but it coincided with the incident of the mass ban of WeChat public profiles of clubs for sexual/gender minorities in Chinese universities, which made me indignant. As a response, I spontaneously made the decision to add an extra excerpt — the enthusiasm for life and the world, the pursuit of ideals and future, such a burning flame cannot be sealed in!

But it also added to the already-disastrous late submission time, and turned the teachers into deadline warriors, grading assignments hours before the submission of grades was closed (I’m sorry…).

Video🎞Lili__Into_a_Blossom.mp4(14.4 MiB, 04:28, 720x390)
Score📃Lili__Into_a_Blossom.pdf(598 KiB, 27 pages)
MuseScore document of part 1🎼Lili__Call_you_Lili.mscz(29.9 KiB)
MuseScore document of part 2🎼Lili__Good_morning.mscz(25.6 KiB)
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