Ice Hatch

Curling, but penguins

Cover art of the image; a penguin lying face down on the ice, with an egg in front of it.

Curling, but penguins —— guide the penguins to hatch their stray eggs on slippery thin ice.

Play here!

Inspired by the sport of curling which gained popularity in the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, I created the game in Mini Jam #99🪐. The theme was “Birds” with an extra limitation “Can't stop moving”; they were combined into these fat birdies that fall into the ice unless they move from time to time.

Game screenshot
Game screenshot

During the peer rating period, there was a lot of concern about the little anserine creatures in the water — which was indeed a blind spot of me, but the penguins can swim! No penguins were hurt in this game!

Halfway done with the music but did not finish it as the game was already submitted late. Will update it sometime!

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