A shooter game; Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf fighting cola, coconut milk and coffee.

Cover art of the game; a girl in a red cloak sitting on the floor with her back to a vending machine, with a cyber-styled city skyline in the distance.

Entry of the team “Future Internet Cafe” to BOOOM! The 3rd GameShell Game Jam.

Play it here!

Move with W/S/A/D or the arrow keys; I/K/J/U corresponds to the triangle/circle/cross/square buttons.

LOVE2D game package📦AAKAMI.love(1.4 MiB)

A teamed game jam with the Future ACG Group. The theme being “SHIFT”, the game’s interpretation is that the protagonist can flip (shift) between Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf, being damaged by bullets of the different colour while absorbing energy from same-coloured ones. I was mainly responsible for the programs.

The enemies are C×ca Cola, P×psi Cola, C×conut Palm (Ye-shu) Coconut Milk, and St×rbucks Coffee. I liked the setting!

The organizer, Game Cores, distributed a GameShell for development use to each team. GameShell🪐 is a (seemingly) retro gaming console, with a complete modern computer system under its 320×240 screen. The rare surviving photo below shows a player for music games I previously made ported to it.

However, the graphics card seems to be a little bit less capable than expected, with the game in pixel graphics that run smoothly on laptops achieving only 2 frames per second on it. I later thought over it and incorporated the sprite batch optimisation, and it went back to over 50 FPS, giving a gratifying end result.

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